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About us

I'm Jamie, a wife and mother to 3 girls.  My small business started when I "restyled" my first vintage desk.  From that day I was hooked on all things "chalk paint", shabby and vintage.  Once I had several pieces under my belt and more blood, sweat and tears then I would like to admit Diamond in the Rough Designs was born. I have created my own visions, as well as completed custom work within the past few years and I have always longed to make this dream of being able to create everyday a profitable enough business to ensure that I would never have to go back to a "real job" EVER again.   I have several Pinterest hours logged in that I have tucked neatly into the catagory "I will just look for a minute"!!  Much like the quick trips to Target, Michaels, Home Goods, TJ Max, antique stores and EVERY garage sale that I told my self, my kids and my husband "I will just stop quick to see if there is anything good".    I live in an old style, fixer upper which seems to be always in a state of rehab, and my love of Farmhouse,Vintage and Shabby has grown into an obsession.  It is through this obsession that the idea to expand beyond furniture was born. 
As a self proclaimed chronic re-decorator, my style is always evolving which makes decorating our home a very expensive why not make my own stuff!!! I believe a house can only be a "home" when it is filled with love and with the things you love.  I hope to share my creations with you, inspire you all to create a space that brings you comfort and provide affordable options for you all to make your house a home!